Erasmus+ Millennials and Post-Millennials in Riga, Latvia

Erasmus+ KA2 project “Millennials and Post-Millennials: Challenges and Opportunities for Teachers and Employers ‘’ had kick-off meeting in Riga November 12–16, 2018.

The project will focus on cooperation among Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Latvia in Innovation field and the exchange of Good Practices.

Anita Eglite-Osmane, Jukka Hakala, Anna Roo and Juha Sonck were participants from Point College.

Discussions about the project subject was organized through the workshop DIALOGUE WITH MILLENNIALS. The future trends of attention is common for each participating countries – the skills acquired within 5 years will be outdated for such reasons as Labor aging, Labor migration, Education with specific skills / specialization, Globalization, Technological development etc.

In this context project activities and outcomes will look for answers to the question – GENERATION of seeking attention or what is my value?

The next meeting will be organized in Porvoo,  March 19–22, 2019.



Text and photos: Anita Eglite-Osmane