ThaiGo project in Thailand

Together in England for Tomorrow’s Education

Guests from ROC Friese Poort, Netherlands

Career coaches from Netherland in Point College October 29–30, 2018

21st Century Business Education – Project Kick-Off in Oss, Netherlands

Visitors from Zabalburu College, Bilbao

Guests from Thailand

Attractive e-learning materials for provision of qualitative education

Nordplus Estonia May 14–18, 2018

Nordplus Iceland April 23–27, 2018

Guest teachers from Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre

Nordplus Junior project Sweden, SEEKING TOGETHER – Young people’s recipe for smoother integration April 16–18, 2018

Point College’s team in Grenoble

Finland 100 in China

Point College hosting Nordplus Junior project

Building inclusive and accessible VET March 12–15, 2018 Budapest

Point College's visit to Bilbao

Nordplus project in Saaremaa, Estonia February 26–March 2, 2018

Nordplus Junior project in Estonia, Attractive e-learning

Building contacts in Peterborough, England

No Poverty – Nordplus mobility in Latvia, Madona 22–26 January, 2018

Riga State Technical School at Point College

Nordplus Junior project in Iceland January 15–19, 2018

Cooperation with ITEC–BOISFLEURY, Lycée Europe

Visit to prague

Nordplus Junior: empower yourself – creative ways to develop a business that works

Good Health & Well-Being – Nordplus mobility in Porvoo November 20–24, 2017

Point College's teacher in Chon Burissa, University of Buraphan November 5–17, 2017

Jonathan from Rotenburg, Germany visited Point College

Attractive e-learning materials for provision of qualitative education

Erasmus+ European Experience – Lessons Learned, Rotenburg, Germany November 6–10,2017

A Chinese delegation from Nanning at Point College

Högskolan i Oslo og Akershus visited Point College

Nordplus 2017, Seeking together

International Day in Vaasa, Ammatillisen koulutuksen kansainvälisyyspäivät Vaasassa

Nordplus Junior project Modern art uniting people in Finland October 2–6, 2017

Global Learning Power – Kalundborg 18.–22.9.2017

New forms of vocational education, Rotenburg 18.–20.9.2017

Nordplus Junior project seminar in Riga September 13–15, 2017

EBBD – European Business Baccalaureate Diploma

Nordplus in Lithuania May 15–19, 2017

Point College Bilbaossa 15.–18.5.2017

Modern Art Uniting People, Nordplus Junior project

Race, ethnicity – what does it mean?

C2 Mission in Estonia

European Experience – Lessons Learned, France March 13–17, 2017

Spanish-Finnish cooperation

Nordplus project in Nyköping, Sweden March 6–10, 2017

Inclusive and accessible vocational education – Dresden, Germany February 7–8, 2017

Nordplus project in Denmark January 23–27, 2017, Religious diversity

Riga State Technical School visiting Point College

Job shadowing from Lithuania

Student exchange from the Netherlands

Social and health care students six weeks in Shanghai

Modern Art Uniting People, Nordplus Junior in Lithuania

Interreg Central Baltic Project applicant seminar November 29, 2016 Stockholm

Teachers from the Netherlands in Point

Nordplus contact seminar in Copenhagen November 20-22, 2016

Nord Plus Mobility “Disability in including community” November 7-11, 2016 in Haapsalu, Estonia

Together for a tomorrow’s education

Inclusive and Accessible VET – an international seminar at Point College September 20–21, 2016

Nordplus 2016 in Iceland September 19–23, 2016, Promote tolerance – Celebrate diversity

QBA 2016 student meets an entrepreneur from Serbia

Contemporary issues in economy & technology – CIET 2016

A week with a Latvian architecture student

Visit to ROC de Leijgraaf, Holland 14 - 15 April 2016

Pearson College London visited Point College

Inclusive and accessible vocational education – second project meeting in netherlands 8–9 March, 2016

Nordplus Junior project: social methods in enjoyable learning and teaching environment

Point College participated in the International Conference of Innovative (Eco-) Technology, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development in Kaunas on 9th March, 2016

Nordplus 2015 in Denmark January 25–29, 2016

The 70th Anniversary of Riga Trade Vocational School, Latvia

New connections and connections renewed in France

NordPlus 2015, second mobility in Nyköping, Sweden 9.–13.11.2015

Dutch teachers visiting Point College

Nordplus 2015, Icelandic mobility, impressions of the Finnish team

The second group from Lycée Colbert of Paris at Point College

Kauno Kolegija (Kaunas College, Lithuania) management team on a study visit at Point College September 8, 2015

Japan interested in Finnish vocational education

Quality of educational organization and pedagogical network in VET, June 9–10, 2015 at Point College

Organizing regional vocational training in Serbia June 17-19, 2015

Haapsalu Vocational Training Centre visited Point

Nordplus Junior project Role of youth in society

Point College at Riga Fair ”Skola2015″

Nordplus Junior, 2.-6.3.2015 Riga

Point College International Day 5.3.2015

Delegation of ambassadors at Point College 5.3.2015

Volunteering is not a work, it's a lifestyle, Lithuania 19.-23.1.2015

Kiinalainen ryhmä vierailulla Point Collegessa 20.1.2015 (Chinese delegation visited Point College)

Enjoy the learning environment in Denmark


Everyone seems to be talking about internationalisation these days. Teacher and student mobility, international experience, cross culture integration.

What actually makes our  experience a global one?

Here are the right answer:

Volunteering, studying, and working abroad, exchanging best practices!

Internationalisation refers to the act of bringing something under international control.

All around Europe schools are trying to implement and carry out internationalisation and to be involved in international projects. These are undoubtedly features that are becoming more and more common and popular nowadays in schools, when compared to some years ago.

But what about Point College and its policy regarding this issue?

Internationalisation is a school objective with the support and involvement of the leading staff and of all the other teachers at school. It is by no means, the lonely project of a single teacher.

International projects are integrated in the curriculum or part of it, so that international projects are part of the goals of the school.

We have more than 40 international partner institutions from different international projects in our network.

We learn from each other and collaborate in various projects exchanging best practices. In short – at Point College – we are international!

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