Strategic Objectives


Point’s strategic objectives 2016-2018

1. We will strengthen our brand by ensuring new financing through superior performance. The renovation of our merged operations will be carried out by significantly reforming our operating cultures, which are already at a proactive stage.
2. We actively participate in the planning process of our new premises and ensure a functional and enjoyable learning and work environment during the transition phase.
3. We develop the content and quality of our education and training activities in cooperation with working life and other educational institutions.
4. We improve our ability to provide functional and working-life-oriented learning and high quality trilingual and international teaching.  We offer flexible models to support different learning styles, individuality and the development of expertise.
5. We offer training and services that are based on the needs in working life to improve competitiveness of organizations and individuals.
6. We will strengthen our close cooperation with our owners and stakeholders so that merger activities do not disturb the customer interface.
7. We promote a sense of community between our personnel and the means to develop their competence. Further, we support openness and environmental and cost-consciousness in our work community. In addition, we support our personnel in times of change.
8. Our operational modes, management and leadership support economic, effective and co-operational future solutions. We act according to sustainable development and control the environmental impacts of our activities.