Study guide 2018–2019

Information package for new QBA students, Autumn 2018

Welcome to your studies at Point College! During autumn 2018 we will be working at Opistokuja 1, but during the spring term 2019, we will start in our new premises at the hevosenkengän katu campus area.

Study office

The study office is situated at Opistokuja on the 2nd floor in room 23. There to assist you with administration and documents needed for the authorities are Anu Orttenvuori, Ann -Christine Lyttinen and Kati Ovaskainen.

Guidance counselors for new students are:

LM 2018/ 1 Katariina Lindholm
LM 2018/ 2 Nina Oja
LM 2018/ 3 Sanna Laulumaa
FM 2018 Liselott Berg Ahlroth
QBA 2018 Michaela Öberg-Westerlund
Continuous application (business) Catharina Aarnio
Apprenticeship (business) Catharina Aarnio
Datanomi Hannele Salonen

Sote 2018/ 1 Katja Kangasmäki
Sote 2018 / 2 Anu Lassila
Sote 2018/ 3 Sami Somiska
Sote jatkuva haku Marja-Leena Lehtimäki
Apprenticeship (sote) Marja-Leena Lehtimäki

You will find the contact information of all teachers from both our website and in Wilma.

Study guidance is the responsibility of:

Linda Blomander (business, Swedish)
Sanna Laulumaa (business, Finnish)
Bryan Roberts (business, English)
Katja Kangasmäki (social and health)

Linda, Sanna ja Bryan can be found on the 2nd floor next to the main stairs. Katja is on the 3rd floor  in room35.

Special needs teachers are:

Anna-Mari Heikinheimo (coordination)
Elina Palonen (business, Finnish)
Liselott Berg Ahlroth (business, Swedish)
Sami Somiska (social health & QBA)

Student care

The school nurse is Teija Rantti. She can be found at Opistokuja on the 3rd floor next to the auditorium. Teija  is available for consultation without an appointment on Tues.  Wed. and Thurs. from 9.00–11.00 and at other times by phoning 040 4806 768.

Our curator is Maria Malmsten and she can be found to the right of the main entrance. She is available without an appointment from Mon. to Fri. between 9.00–12.00 and at other times by phoning 040 4899 649.

Our Psychologist is Jonas Anttonen and he may be contacted by phoning 040 4895 798 for an appointment.

The Pastor of our school is Juha Takala and he visits the school regularly throughout the year.


The Majakka is an open study area in Opistokuja on the 3rd floor. There you may work daily with the resident study coach Marjo ”Mape” Kullberg and if necessary with your subject teacher. Mape’s phone number is 040 6563 906.

IT support

IT are situated in Opistokuja on the 2nd floor to the right of the main steps. You can see the IT support team through the windows or contact them at:


Wilma is your daily tool. Visit it daily and connect it to your smart phone. Your Wilma password will come from your study counselor at the beginning of your studies.


Our electronic learning platform is Moodle. You will become acquainted with Moodle during your first weeks of study.


Infopoint is situated in the foyer of Opistokuja. There you will find Tuula Grönholm.


The janitor at Point College is Tage Rosqvist.

School canteen

The school canteen is situated in Opistokuja on the 1st floor. There is no charge for lunch. Lunch time is from 11.00–12.30 and you may find the weekly menu on the door.

Lockers for your personal effects

You may rent a lockable cupboard. Please speak to the ladies in the study office about this. There are a limited number of lockers available.


There are a limited number of parking spaces available next to Opistokuja. Otherwise you may try to park on a side-road in the area. However, we recommend public transport.

Organisation rules

You will find these on our website under the Students menu.

Smoking and other narcotics

Our college is smoke-free and drug-free. Keep it that way – and yourselves healthy.