Knowledge and the joy of learning for over 50 years!

Porvoo International College or Point College which has a background of over 50 years of delivering educational services to the region’s businesses, was established in 2012 as a private education provider. Point College was formed in 2012 from the merger of two traditional colleges; Porvoo Commercial College which was established in 1958 and Porvoo Health Care Institute which was established in 1989. Point College is a semi-public non-profit organisation which is owned 59 % by local municipalities, local businesses and private individuals.

Porvoo International College

We produce knowledgeable and vocationally skilled graduates ready to take their places in the business and administration workforce and social and health sectors. We train both youth and adult students in Finnish, Swedish and English language vocational courses and we have our own apprenticeship office.

Our operating principles include student-centered and customer-centered approaches as well as close cooperation with local businesses, already during the early phases of learning. This results in a high graduate employment rate as well as a pleasing graduation percentage.

Point College was best in class in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 according to the Finnish Education Ministry evaluation.

Nuoriso-opiskelijat/Studerande på ungdomsstadiet/Youth 420-440
Aikuisopiskelijat/Vuxenstuderande/ Adult students 300-400
Henkilöstö/Personal/Staff 70 hlöä/pers./persons
Opettajat/Lärare/Teachers 55 hlöä/pers./persons
Liikevaihto/Omsättning/Turnover 6 miljoonaa €/6 miljoner €/€6 million
Koulutusohjelmat/Utbildningsprogram/Education programs 8-10
Yritysyhteistyökumppanit/Företagssamarbetspartner/Partners 600
Oppisopimusten määrä/Antal läroavtal/Number of apprenticeships 250
Tuloksellisuus 2017(opetusministeriö- ja kulttuurimisteriö)/
Resultat 2017 (ukm)/
Education success (The Ministry of Education and Culture 2017)
Suomen paras – jo kolmantena vuonna peräkkäin/
Finlands bästa – redan tredje året i följd/
The best in Finland – for the third year in a row